Month: June 2017

What is It About Online Hook Ups That Make So Many Guys Fail?

Hot mom showing her pussy

Everybody can fantasize about fucking pussy. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want a hot, tight, blonde bending over, parting her ass cheeks and letting you penetrate her deep, pink, tight hole?

Most guys would put their hands up and sign on the dotted line. Most guys would grab a pen and sign up for that shit. That’s a no-brainer. The problem is, when given an opportunity to actually hook up with blonde and brunette goddesses, most guys fail.

It’s not like they show up and all of a sudden all this pussy appears out of nowhere. We’re not talking about that kind of bullshit fantasy. We’re talking about a situation where chicks are not only eager for dick, but they’re just waiting for guys to ask them out.

Believe it or not, even in such a situation, guys still manage to fail. How can this be? It’s like being unable to land a fish when you’re just shooting fish in a barrel? I mean, how hard can it get when your using a real good site like this one that I found?

The problem is, it has nothing to do with these women. It has nothing to do with the adult dating platforms and adult hook ups available online. Instead, the difficulty comes from within. When things become easy, guys get suspicious. They start becoming insecure and, all of a sudden, their confidence fails.

Make no mistake about it, when your confidence fails, everything else fails. You have to be confident. You have to believe that things will happen according to your desires. Otherwise, you will struggle over and over again. Leave that doubt out because the more you doubt, the more you sabotage yourself. It really is that simple.

This is why so many guys fail at adult hook ups. It has nothing do with the availability of pussy. It has nothing to do with how horny the women are, and believe me, they are very horny and they want to fuck. It has everything to do with the attitude of the guys that use these websites.